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TRN-1030-H CC Heaters Crankcase Heater 115/230V, 140 Watt
X13140729-01 - 11" X 3/4"
Model E Trane - HTR-211
TRANE Model E, R 1.5 lb $90.00
NCE-1000-A Accessories Blue Nylog HFC Compatible Gasket Sealant All 2 oz $6.60
NCE-1001-A Accessories Red Nylog HCFC Compatible Gasket Sealant All 2 oz $6.60
NCE-1068-A Accessories Virginia Acid Test Kit All 0.25 lb $18.50
NCE-1075-A Accessories Sporlan Test-All Acid Test Kit All 7 oz $18.50
NCE-1076-A Accessories Loctite Silicone Adhesive Sealant All 0.25 lb $9.50
NCE-1035-E Accessories Symcom Model 455; Electrical Protection One Per Contactor N/A 13 oz $185.00
TRN-1063-SV Service Valves Trane Service Valve CRHK 1.12 ODSX Rotolock CRHK 3 lb $217.50
TRN-1036-U Unloaders Coil for Solenoid Valve 110V, 50/60 Hz, 14W and 120V, 620Hz, 14W
Fits New Style Unloading. Use with Part # TRN-1044 Only.
New Style Unloader Coil 16 oz $43.00
CAR-1038-U Unloaders Solenoid Coil 208-220/50, 208-240/60 Solenoid Valve Unloader Coil; 208/240V Fits: Carrier, Copeland, and Old Style Trane 11 oz $55.00
CAR-1039-U Unloaders Solenoid Coil 120/50/60 Unloader Coil; 115V Fits: Carrier, Copeland, and Old Style Trane Solenoid Valve 11 oz $55.00
TRN-1044-U Unloaders New Style Solenoid Body Valve
Use with Coil # TRN-1036-U
Original (Old) Coil won't Fit
Fits CRHM and CRHR
Trane Unloader Valve Less Coil (See TRN-1036-U) 11 oz $116.00
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