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NCE-1000-A Blue Nylog HFC Compatible Gasket Sealant All 2 oz $6.60
NCE-1001-A Red Nylog HCFC Compatible Gasket Sealant All 2 oz $6.60
CPE-1002-E or NCE-1002-E New Module INT369 Diagnose; Motor Sensor Discharge Temperature; Oil Level Control Sensor Module; Use w/ Wiring Kit CPE-1056-E Copeland/Carrier 7 oz $185.00
CPE-1003-E or NCE-1003-E Original INT369R Motor Protector; Ref: 22A276S21 N/A 8 oz $170.00
NCE-1004-E Oil Sensor Delta-PII Electrical Sensor; Wires into New INT369 Module CPE-1002-E; Screws into Adapter CPE-1006-P Kriwan 2 oz $120.00
NCE-1007-E or CPE-1007-E Adapter Cable for INT369R Diagnose for Laptop Use to Download History
Module CPE-1003-E
N/A 0.1 oz $80.00
NCE-1010-E or CPE-1010-E NeUSB-ISO Laptop Connection Off INT369R Module N/A 8 lb $85.00
CAR-1018-E Carlyle Thermostat, Discharge Gas Head Sensor 06E Carrier 4.5 oz $95.00
CPE-1034-E Control System Sensor for Sentronic Kit Copeland 6 oz $125.00
NCE-1035-E Symcom Model 455; Electrical Protection One Per Contactor N/A 13 oz $185.00
CPE-1056-E or CPE-1056-K Wiring Kit for Solid State Module; 4R, 6R, 8R, 4D, 6D, 8D Copeland 3 oz $21.00
CAR-1066-A Common Oil Adapter for 06E Models with "O" Ring Carrier 0.5 lb $71.00
CAR-1067-A Adapter Pkg. for 06E Models with "O" Rings; Common Oil Kit w/ Bolts Carrier 1.5 lb $72.00
NCE-1068-A Virginia Acid Test Kit All 0.25 lb $18.50
NCE-1075-A Sporlan Test-All Acid Test Kit All 7 oz $18.50
NCE-1076-A Loctite Silicone Adhesive Sealant All 0.25 lb $9.50
  Results 1 - 16 of 16 1