9 compressor models 2 cylinders, with displacement from 4.20 [30 Hz] to 57.30 [87 Hz] and nominal power from 1.5 to 7.5 hp. The inverter is mounted on the compressor and is pre-programmed to be managed by an external OID controller or a pressure transducer that can be mounted on the suction line. The calibration of all the parameters that control the inverter can be customized according to the specific application.
Unit of Measure


Number of Cylinders

N/A 2

Displacement at 50 Hz

N/A 244.06 ft³/h

Displacement at 60 Hz

N/A 292.84 ft³/h

Motor Version

N/A 1

Motor Power

N/A 1.5 hp1.1 kW

Motor Voltage at 50 Hz

N/A 400 V

Motor Voltage at 60 Hz

N/A 400 V

Motor Phase at 50 Hz

N/A 3

Motor Phase at 60 Hz

N/A 3

Direct On Line (DOL) Bridge Bars

N/A Standard

Maximum Running Amperage (MRA) Maximum Operating Current at 400 V/50 Hz and 460 V/60 Hz

N/A 4.5 A

Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) Maximum Starting Current at 400 V/50 Hz and 460 V/60 Hz, Part Winding Start (PWS) Motor with Direct On Line (DOL) Connection

N/A 20.6 A

Maximum Power Consumption at 50 Hz

N/A 2.3 kW

Minimum Frequency

N/A 30 Hz

Maximum Frequency

N/A 87 Hz

Protection Device

N/A No

Enclosure Class

N/A IP56

High Pressure (HP)

N/A 435.0 psi

Low Pressure (LP)

N/A 297.3 psi

Oil Type


Oil Charge (3/4 of Sight Glass)

N/A 33.81 fl oz

Lubrication Type

N/A Centrifugal

Suction Valve Size

N/A 5/8 in

Discharge Valve Size

N/A 1/2 in

Net Weight

N/A 88.40 lb


N/A A1.5


N/A The advantages of VS compressors are:

  • Better COP when compared to constant speed systems
  • Better flexibility of operation
  • Improved system thermal stability
  • Fewer compressor starts
  • Lower noise levels
  • Wide range of accessories