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Liebert Compressors

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Leibert Part # & MFG Part #

New Compressor Part # (ref only)

Part Description

Category #

06DA8086GC3200 1c16603p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 105L
06DA8086GC3600 1c16603p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 105L
06DS3136AC3200 1c18809p_/1c16604p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 106L
06DS3136AC3600 1c18809p_/1c16604p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 106L
06DS8186AC3200 1c188010p_/1c16605p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 113L
06DS8186AC3600 1c188010p_/1c16605p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 113L
06DS8246BC3100 175023p_/175024p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 575V CARR 120L
06DS8246BC3200 175023p_/175024p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 120L
06DS8246BC3600 175023p_/175024p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 120L
06DS3286BC3200 1c16607p_/1c18812p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 123L
06DS3286BC3600 1c16607p_/1c18812p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 123L
06DS5376BC0100 1c18259p_/125680p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 575V CARR 125L
06DS5376BC0600 1c18259p_/125680p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 460V CARR 125L
06DS5376BC1200 1c18259p_/125680p_ CARRIER/CARLYLE 208/230V CARR 125L
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1