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Model 06E Reciprocating Semi-Hermetic Refrigerant Duty Compressors
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CAR-1032-H N/A Crankcase Heater 120V, 125 Watt
REF: 06EA660-165
HT36FL379 - 2.75"
Slides in Bottom Pan
N/A Carrier 06E and 06E N/A 16 oz $55.00

CAR-1046-H N/A Crankcase Heater 240V, 125 Watt
REF: HT36FL479
DIA: 2.75"
N/A Carrier N/A 16 oz $55.00

CAR-1047-H N/A Crankcase Heater 240V, 75 Watt
REF: HT36FS474
N/A Carrier N/A 16 oz $55.00

CAR-1123-CP N/A 06E Large Suction End Bell
with Gaskets
N/A Carrier N/A 29 lb $105.00

CAR-1124-CP N/A 06E Forward Center or Standard Head
with Gaskets
N/A Carrier N/A 17 lb $105.00

CAR-1126-CP N/A 06E Reserve Center Head
N/A Carrier N/A 17 lb $135.00

CAR-1127-CP N/A 06E Side Head
N/A Carrier N/A 16.5 lb $115.00

CAR-1042-GK-M N/A Metal Unloader Gasket
Ref: 06EA501-253
N/A Carrier N/A 0.5 oz $3.90

CAR-1069-GK-M N/A Carlyle Gasket for 06D and 06E Models
For New Oil Failure Plate Oil Pump
N/A Carrier N/A 0.05 lb $21.75

CAR-1072-GK-M N/A 06E Side Head Metal Gasket
Ref: 06EA503-304
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $8.50

CAR-1073-GK-M N/A 06E SCOU Metal Gasket
Ref: 06EA503-334
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $9.25

CAR-1074-GK-M N/A 06E Center Head or Hot Gas Bypass Head Metal Gasket
Ref: 06EA503-314
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $8.50

CAR-1082-GK-F N/A 06E Terminal Plate Gasket
Ref: 6G45-1082
N/A Carrier N/A 1 oz $9.25

CAR-1120-GK-F N/A 06E Valve Plate Gasket
0.060 Thickness
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $13.25

CAR-1131-GK-M N/A 06E Hot Gas Bypass Metal Gasket
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $5.50

CAR-1132-GK-M N/A 06E Center Head Metal Gasket
N/A Carrier N/A 2 oz $5.25

CAR-1066-A N/A Common Oil Adapter for 06E Models with "O" Ring N/A Carrier N/A 0.5 lb $71.00

CAR-1067-A N/A Adapter Pkg. for 06E Models with "O" Rings; Common Oil Kit w/ Bolts N/A Carrier N/A 1.5 lb $72.00

CAR-1018-E N/A Carlyle Thermostat, Discharge Gas Head Sensor 06E N/A Carrier N/A 4.5 oz $95.00

CAR-1037-T N/A Carlyle Jumper Bar Package. Should be Used with Phase Protector Board N/A Carrier for 06E Model Compressors N/A 7 oz $26.00

CAR-1081-T N/A 06E 6 Lead Terminal Plate with Gasket
Single Voltage High or Low
N/A Carrier 06E N/A 7.5 lb $215.00

CAR-1089-T N/A 06E Terminal Plate 9 Lead with Gasket
Multi Voltage
N/A Carrier N/A 8 lb $225.00

CAR-1040-U N/A Pressure Unloader
Ref: 06EA660-100
N/A Carrier 06D and 06E Pressure Unloader Control N/A 1.75 lb $205.00

CAR-1041-U N/A Unloader Bullet N/A Carrier 06D and 06E Unloader Bullet Hot Gas By-Pass N/A 5 oz $10.25

CAR-1043-U N/A Electric Unloader Valve
Ref: 06EA660-135
Used with coil CAR-1038-U or CAR-1039-U depending on voltage needed.
N/A Carrier 06D and 06E Electrical Unloader Stem N/A 1.35 lb $165.00

Unit of Measure
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